My Books

I LOVE books!

Reading them at night under the covers of my bed. Sharing them with my friends, or having them read to me by my parents. Sometimes I even draw in them (although I’m told I shouldn’t do this). Books make me laugh and cry, feel excited and scared, inspired and brave. I can imagine I’m a pirate, or a prince or a potato. Books make me smile.

I love books so much that I wanted to make my own.

I was so excited when I was given a camera for my birthday. I knew it would help me remember all the wonderful places I go and the friends I meet along the way.

Book 1, Afloat in Venice, was my first adventure overseas. It was scary travelling so far away from home, but I met a wonderful friend, Clarabella, who showed me all the sights of Venice. When I lost my camera I had to search for it on my own because I lost Clarabella too. Even though I was scared, and feeling so very small in a giant city, I remembered to be brave. Things have a way of working out in the end.

My next adventure, Book 2 –  The Messy Bath Monster,  is a story about imagination and being brave.  In it I search for the ‘messy bath monster’ who I know lives somewhere in my house because it’s always making a mess and my parents make me clean up after it.  I wonder what will happen and who I will meet along the way?