Afloat in Venice

I was thrilled when I was given a camera for my birthday, because I could use it on my very first adventure overseas, and take photos to make my first book, Afloat in Venice.

It was scary travelling so far away from home, but I met a wonderful friend, Clarabella, who showed me a magical floating city that seemed to grow straight out of the sea.

It was great seeing so many new and amazing things to take photos of but something very unexpected happened along the way. I discovered something more precious than sight-seeing! You will have to read the book to learn what I discovered 🙂

How to purchase a copy

If you can’t find Afloat in Venice in your local bookstore (sometimes they run out) then please buy one directly through my publisher’s website, One Tentacle Publishing.


Mum says it’s important for books to have a theme, she told me that a theme is a main idea or underlying story. I thought travel, holidays and adventure were great themes for my first book,  but I discovered some more important ones along the way;  loss, perseverance and the power of friendship.


By watching my dad (composer extraordinaire – Matt Ottley) I’ve learnt that music can bring stories and pictures to life in ways you might not have expected.

The music that he wrote for my story in Venice makes me smile, feel like dancing and at times makes me shed a tear.

You can download the music for free from Dad’s website.


If you would like to know more about the creative process behind making this book, from the creation of the images, through to the music and the knitting, please download the free resource notes. There’s also lots of interesting activities for teacher’s to do with students.


Below are links to some reviews by book bloggers of Afloat in Venice. Thanks to these wonderful readers/writers for taking the time to share their thoughts on the book with the world.

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“Combining photos of Venice with adorable hand-knitted characters and accessories, this is a gorgeous tale of adventure and friendship, sure to win the hearts of young readers. Showcasing the architecture and natural beauty of this unique part of Italy, this is the perfect book for armchair travellers in a time when we can only dream of overseas travel”.  Excerpt from review by Gemma Patience