About Me

My name is Monkey (I don’t have a middle name … although if I could choose one it would be ‘Wolfgang’) but my friends call me Monkey Chops. I live with my parents in a stone cottage surrounded by rainforest and am woken each morning by my bird friends calling for me to come and play. 

Some of the things I love (in no particular order) are; tomatoes and pizza, olives and rhubarb, reading and dancing, aliens and ufo’s, woodworking and growing veggies in my garden, making friends and taking photos with my camera. My favourite colour is blue and I LOVE music that makes me dance. 

All of these favourite things are included in my favouritist thing of all … which is going on adventures!

You don’t have to go very far to have adventures and the best adventures of all are in my imagination. Having said that, my very first adventure that I’m sharing with the world included a very long journey by plane … then boat … and then lots of stairs! You can find out about that adventure in my very first children’s picture book, Afloat in Venice.


To follow my adventures click here :)