Giving Back

Being a big help in small ways

Clarabella helped me find my camera when I lost it in Venice, and it made me realise that if we all help each other in just small ways amazing things can happen and great new friendships can be made, small things like being kind, giving, caring or simply sharing.

I love to share my adventures and music with as many people as possible!

Teachers Resources

By sharing the story behind my stories with teachers and librarians and making them available by a free digital download, I hope to inspire others to create their own adventures. Please visit my Resource Notes page.

Community Groups/Charities

I’ve donated copies of my first book to some wonderful organisations who are doing lots of great things for others. Some of them can be found on my community page in case you want to be able to help them too, or just learn about the important work they are doing.

I am so happy my Dad could create a special version of the story with music so that people with impaired vision can enjoy the story too.