Knitted Friends

Nanna makes me lots of knitted friends, from ancient sea turtles to tiny snails. Each one is unique and made with love, the best ingredient for special friends. You will get to meet some of my friends as you follow my adventures.

When I went to Venice I met Clarabella, Tomasina, Sam (Salvador) and Hieronimo. Even though I was in Italy, where everyone speaks Italian, I was lucky that people were kind to me and spoke in English. I practiced some Italian words before I went on my holiday and found ‘Buongiorno’, which means ‘good morning’, to be the most useful one.

Click on each of my friends below to discover more about them … and if you, or someone who loves you, wants to make you your own knitted version I’ve included a link to the knitting patterns and their fabulous creators.

Clarabella the knitted cat licking gelatoSam (Salvador) the knitted seagull searching for insects Tomasina the brown knitted cat playing the piano Hieronimo the knitted star-gazing mouse looking through a telescope